Nadace Hermit - Společnost přátel umění Plasy
o   p o č á t k u
near the beginning
sympozium - výstavy
Centrum pro Metamedia-Plasy
30th August - 1st October 1997

NEAR THE BEGINNING: an international, interdisciplinary symposium from August 15 to 30, 1997 exhibition from August 30 to October 1, 1997 Center for Metamedia-Plasy

"The discovery of a stable center is the same thing as creating the world. Its repetition."
Mircea Eliade

The symposium among approximately 30 international artists is held on the grounds of the monastery in Plasy. The exhibition, results in part from the works made on-site by the symposium participants and is complemented with installations, drawings, paintings and objects by 20 other artists addressing the given theme. The exhibition opens on August 30th with a two-day program of concerts and performances. A collection of texts and catalogue of the works will accompany the exhibition. Accommodations for the symposium and exhibition participants is provided at the monastery.
It is beginning to appear as though many aesthetic, ethical, and physical structures, which have been considered invariable and objectively given, are rather the formations of our perception and senses. We nonetheless still continue to search for some kind of central germ, a firm framework, a life line that gives the world its shape and meaning. Is there a common center where we could all meet? The Near the Beginning project seeks to explore a broad range of approaches to and interpretations of this given theme. In doing so, it could help to clarify the contemporary perception of this problem.

Organizers: Igor Hlavinka, Shinichi Sakai, Vladimír Vimr, Miloš Vojtěchovský

Financial Support: Pro Helvetia - Ost West
Japan Foundation / Hermit Foundation / Soros Center for Contemporary Art - Prague, Budapest, Estonia / Open Society Fund
In cooperation with the Monument Institute of the Czech Republic

Performances on opening days by
Christophe Charles .. Shuichi Chino .. Michael Delia .. eye scratch .. Vojtech & Irena Havel .. Petr Matuszek .. Petr Nikl .. Martin Zet .. and others

Symposium-exhibition participants include
Michael Delia-USA .. Ritsuko Endo-JAPAN .. Indrek Erm-ESTONIA .. eye scratch-USA .. Daniel Hanzlík-CZ .. Igor Hlavinka-CZ .. Christophe Charles-JAPAN .. Petr Kvíčala-CZ .. Robert Langh-HUNGARY .. Jeroen Meijer-NL .. Mare Mikoff-ESTONIA .. David Mills-USA .. Deguchi Michiyoshi-JAPAN .. Orsolya Nyitrai-HUNGARY .. Rait Pärg-ESTONIA .. Oskar Prebanic-BOSNIA .. Alexander Roitburd-UKRAINE .. Christina La Sala-USA .. Chino Shuichi-JAPAN .. Mustafa Skopljak-BOSNIA .. Ondra Smeykal-CZ .. Arichi Soichi-JAPAN .. Jan Svoboda-CZ .. Mirsad Sehic-BOSNIA .. Mitzutome Shuji-JAPAN .. Daniel Šperl-CZ .. Sasaoka Takashi-JAPAN .. Krista Thomson-ESTONIA .. Amano Toyohisa-JAPAN .. Vladimír Vímr-CZ .. Martin Zet-CZ

Exhibition (only) participants include
Zuzana Füsterová-CZ .. Tomáš Hlavina-CZ .. Dalibor Chatrný-CZ .. Vladimír Kokolia-CZ .. Inge Kosková .. Frantíšek Kowalowski-CZ .. KW-CZ .. David Možný .. Jiří Melzer-CZ .. Jan Merta-CZ .. Pavel Mika-CZ .. Pavel Mrkus-CZ .. Jiří Plieštík-CZ .. Viliam Poltikovic-CZ .. Robert Urbasek-SR .. Petr Veselý-CZ

Center for Metamedia-Plasy is an international, interdisciplinary artist residency program and project center established in 1992 on the grounds of the former monastery in Plasy, west Bohemia (a national monument). Over 400 artists from many parts of the world have participated in the Center's programs, which range from independent study or project-based residencies for visual and performing artists, scholars, curators, and students; exhibitions; performances; symposia; workshops; and other meetings. The Center's archive and library are open to the public. Catalogues are published by the Center for each symposia since 1992, in some cases supplemented by music recordings.

The Hermit Foundation, also established in 1992, provides support to experimental, non-commerical cultural activities in the Czech Republic. Most of the foundation's resources are dedicated to the Center for Metamedia-Plasy. Additional, limited funding is given to projects involving interaction among regional and international artists, such as:

Contact: Miloš Vojtěchovský
Hermit Foundation
Center for Metamedia-Plasy
Pivovarská 1, 331 01 Plasy, Czech Republic

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